225/50R18 Farroad


Farroad tyres are premium high quality tyres designed by Europe’s best engineers using the latest technologies required for a smooth and comfortable ride .

Farroad LTD is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of a wide range of PCR Tyres under the brand names ‘Farroad ’, having its Headquarter in London, United Kingdom. All the products has been produced closely with the aim of meeting all European roads requirements, making its customer to “Drive with European Technology” to ensure their safety in their journey.

Farroad is a premium brand of high quality tyres, designed by the best engineers from Europe, using the latest technologies that are required for a smooth and comfortable ride, Whether it is high mileage, high tonnage or just high performance, our product range is versatile enough to suit all applications. As a professional tyre Shop in United Kingdom, along with a strong domestic performance and global supply chain network,

Farroad has established its global presence across over 100 countries and regions, through more than 100 distribution partners worldwide, with overseas subsidiaries operating in Tyam Tyres LTD.




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