225/45R17 Fortuna


Ultra high performance tyres


Life is an exciting race. With Fortuna tyres you’re in pole position and guaranteed of a top ranking. Fortuna offers sport performance, high speed stability and enhanced grip on dry and wet roads. Altogether an exciting driving experience with precision control.

Ever since the launch of Fortuna tyres in 2005, the brand has invested in research and development, resulting in a high quality budget tyre with an interesting price-quality ratio. In 2015 the brand introduced new winter patterns with improved rubber mix and a modern design. The summer tyre range followed in 2017 with 5 new summer patterns, resulting in almost 300 references. To top that Fortuna introduced an all season tyre, offering clients the luxury of one tyre for all wheather conditions.

Fortuna tyres are available in summer, winter and all season for passenger cars, vans/light truck cars and SUV/4×4. Scroll down and discover our products!




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