3D Alignment

The Bluetooth 3D Wheel Aligner is the latest OEM wheel aligner from Absolute Alignment.

3D wheel alignment technology has been around for 20 years or so now, and we have moved the goalposts by making a practical, fast and easy-to-use 3D wheel aligner. Towerless technology makes this the 3D unit of choice

  • Can be moved between ramps
  • ADAS compatible front & rear axle measurements
  • Full front & rear subframe location check
  • Futureproof your business – cameras will interface with rear axle ADAS when introduced
  • The most competitively priced 3D system available in the UK

Clever technology means this market leader totally eliminates “push and pull” of vehicle on the ramp, unlike many competitors.

NOW – Comes with FREE wheel clamp extension arms to fit most modern SUVs

Shoot & Go

Shoot & Go extension pack speeds up car recognition and reduces errors. Simply photograph the car with your tablet or type in the registration number manually, and our sophisticated system will do the rest. We have a huge international database of vehicles to draw on. 

All on the Wall

The All on the Wall series allows you to have everything needed for performing wheel alignment operationsplaced on a convenient wall-mounted panel, freeing up useful space in the workshop.